What do we offer?
In GEVIR we aim to become a leading distributor for CXO-search, Development and Performance, with focus on identifying excellent candidates.

Our second focus is recruiting leaders and specialists to international organizations .

Our values and pride are that we are operational, thorough and quality-conscious.

We established GEVIR because we both see and experience the need for special focus on recruitment and development of leaders and specialist – a good foundation to help organizations and leaders succeeding.

Our expertise covers several of your needs

Executive Search

We offer recruitment from start to end, where you can decide whether you want to use our services in the full process or in parts of the process.
Our focus is mainly on identifying excellent managers.
Our focus also lies within recruiting managers and specialists to international organizations. Considering our broad network, collaborating partners and long experience, we emphasize on being your best partner in identifying candidates to fill your international positions.

Organizational Development

We have a great amount of experience in development of teams, from operational- to management teams with extensive revenues. We are working with change and development, definition and selection of internal talents, rotation of talents within your organization, and talent and performance programs. We have several approaches and tools available that we adjust to your needs, depending on your wish for structure and culture.

Management for hire

We offer skilled candidates for hire, as we know that some times you will have the need for additional competence. We know that hiring can be a good interim solution for many, and our broad network consist of accomplished leaders and specialists that we can help you connect with. .
We can offer you candidates custom to your needs relating to projects or period of time.

Some of our projects:
CEO, Consulting Engineers
CEO, Industry Energy
Category Manager, Pharmacy Industry
Project Manager, Public sector
Department Manager and Project Manager, R&D
COO, Telecom
COO, Oil services
HR Executive, IT
SVP HR, Telecom
CRM Executive, Telecom
Sales Executive, Nutrition Industry
Chief of Economics, Building and transport
Quality auditor, Building and transport
Compliance Manager, Electronic Industry
HR Business Partner, Nutrition Industry
Office manager, Building and transport
Supply Chain Manager, Processing industry
HMSK Manager, Processing Industry
Board recruitment and consulting
Assessment, Telecom/Banking/Industry
Project Executive, Building and transport
HR Executive, Industry
Our work process